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17. Full House Lighting
Full House Lighting San Ramon, CA

04/2013 in San Ramon, CA

We added great lighting to this house.

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16. Commercial Lighting
Outside San Jose, CA

04/2013 in San Jose, CA

Pasta Pomodoro Getting all the lights to work

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14. Kitchen Lighting
Kitchen Lighting Walnut Creek, CA

04/2013 in Walnut Creek, CA

Kitchen Is being remodeled. first step New Lights

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11. Service Work
This is what a bad breaker looks like Walnut Creek, CA

03/2013 in Walnut Creek, CA

Small electrical fires happen more often than not.

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10. Panel Installation
Panel Installation Pleasanton, CA

03/2013 in Pleasanton, CA

Your panel should look like this, clean and organized.

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9. Install Light Fixture
Install Light Fixture Danville, CA

03/2013 in Danville, CA

The cool thing about the chandeliers is actually hand-painted it took over 30 hours to make.

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8. Service Work
Service Work Danville, CA

02/2013 in Danville, CA

Electrical fires are more common then you Think if you smell something Burning give us a call.

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7. Art Lighting
Here's a better picture of the lights were installed. Lafayette, CA

02/2013 in Lafayette, CA

We were able to install can lights without doing any damage to the existing crown molding. Pretty cool!

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6. Art Lighting
Art Lighting Lafayette, CA

02/2013 in Lafayette, CA

Lighting is Key especially when you have a soffit or shelves that need to be highlighted.

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5. Audio and Video
This was a fun project to do for playroom we are able to get a 50 inch plasma TV at the surround speakers and that would last a really long time. Danville, CA

02/2013 in Danville, CA

We installed a whole set of home entertainment system. Pretty cool!

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4. Wine Cellar Lighting
After Lafayette, CA

02/2013 in Lafayette, CA

I was asked if there is anyway I can fix this lighting in the wine cellar. So this is what I came up with LED strip lights there way brighter and a lot more clearer of light.

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3. LED Kitchen Lighting
LED Kitchen Lighting Lafayette, CA

01/2013 in Lafayette, CA

LED lights are the way to go in Kitchens and around the house. This was a client that was not happy with the lights in his kitchen I recommend putting in LED cans this is the way it looks after I was done.

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2. Commercial Lighting
Commercial Lighting San Ramon, CA

01/2013 in San Ramon, CA

A great project for Pinkberry.

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1. Elepath
Elepath San Francisco, CA

03/2011 in San Francisco, CA

I love working with Internet start up companies.

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